At Berserker we sell original art.

We also create GAMES, COMICS and ART BOOKS,
Our Studio can help with any of your illustration, comic book, or graphic novel needs.

Working with some of the top talents in the industry we also do work in other fields like character design, video game design, album covers, movie storyboards, novel covers, T-shirts, and many other creative fields. Creators who have worked with us include Simon Bisley, Glenn Fabry, Greg Staples, Alan Grant, Clint Langley, N8 van Dyke, Rich Buckler, Wayne Nichols, Ashley Wood, and many more.

Berserker, situated in the UK, has over 20 years of experience in buying and selling original comic art. We set up commission work for Simon Bisley, Andrei Bressan, Paul Davidson, Adam and Ryan Brown, N8 Van Dyke, and Kevin Molen. We have a unique deal with our commissions, we are willing to take original comic art as part of our payment method to help reduce the price of commissioning original works.

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Looking to sell your originals?

If we don’t want to purchase them from you direct we are willing to sell on consignment so feel free to contact us at any time for more information.

We accept trade on any items from our site.

we are currently looking for work from the following artists and titles but will look at any items you have available:

Art Adams, Nick Bradshaw,  Eric Powell, Jack Kirby, Simon Bisley,
Glenn Fabry, Brian Bolland, George Tuska, Berni Wrightson,
Frank Frazetta, Joe Chiodo, Todd Mcfarlane, David Mack,
Bill Sienkiewicz, Alex Toth, Jim Lee, Shannon Wheeler, The Tick,
1960s Marvel art, Dale Keown, Nathan Fox, Geof Darrow,
Frank Teran, Kevin Maguire, Joe Quesada

Artists looking for an agent, we are always interested in representing new clients.

We deal with more artists every year and we are always willing to take on new talent whether that be purchasing your art direct or selling on a commission basis.