291 new pieces added this weekend!

BREAKING NEWS 291 pieces added to


Great news everyone, A massive site update with loads of premium art listed below,
We are interested in trade as well as cash for any items on site. feel free to also ask about time payments on out of budget items! Check out all the great work HERE


Wellington Alves Red she hulk, Avengers splash
simon Bisley x3 13 coins, ABC Warriors x1, King Conan cover, Harley Quinn & Lobo cover, Church of hell 1 cover
Andrei Bressan Daredevil illustration
Adam Brown Nemesis painting
John Buscema Fantastic four
Boo Cook 2000AD x17
Simon Davis  Slaine Archon x8, Art of the kill prelims x28
Geof Darrow Daredevil and high end Illustration
Steve Dillon Preacher x2
Ron English  sketch x1
Carlos Ezquerra 2000AD Dredd x15
Glenn Fabry Horror illustrations x5, covers x6,  2000AD covers x4, Lot 13 x3, Slaine x2, Church of hell splash, Illustration x2
Lee Gallagher x1
Patrick Goddard   2000AD Savage x17
David Hitchcock x2
Bob Kane Batman 1975
Cam Kennedy Boba Fett x1
Jack Kirby x4
David Mack x2
John McCrea Demon x2,  Get Kraven x35,  Hitman x2, Cruel and unusual full 90 page series
Mike Mignola Daredevil
Frank Miller Spiderman
Kevin Molen paintings x6
Alex Pardee  Illustrations x3
Nick Pitarra  Red wing best page x1
Werner Roth 1966 Xmen
Mateus Santolouco Ninja Turtles x2
Greg Tocchini  x2
Herb Trimpe
George Tuska  1960s Avengers 48 x1, Xmen 43 x1
Allessandro Vitti Captain america and Hawkeye
Jonathan Wayshak x2
Chet Zar paintings x2