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Berserker Comics Presents, From Under The Floorboards. An anthology graphic novel of Horror and Science Fiction short stories, in the style of old pre-code EC books.

Twisted tales of Horror, Aliens, Witches, Gangsters, Space Ships, Bigfoot, Futuristic cars, The Devil, Parallel Dimensions, Fever Dreams, and  MURDER!

We even have a short origin story for our previous book Church of Hell, which will lead on to COH chapter 1 finally being printed as a graphic novel with chapter 2 following shortly after.

Under The Floorboards, Concepts by Andy Brown and written by Mark McCann & Baden James Mellonie

Art By Simon Bisley, Douglas Paszkiewicz (Arsenic Lullaby), Andrei Bressan, Clint Langley, Nate Van Dyke, Dom Reardon, David Hitchcock, Juan Rubi, Andy Brown, Mate Maciorowski & Caio Oliveira