Bisley paintings update and SITE SALE 10% DISCOUNT

Hey everyone,

Just added 4 cool bisley paintings and a discount voucher for 10% OFF.

The voucher can be used as many times as you like and will cover all items apart from postage, so tell your friends about it!

to use the  voucher just add (BERSERKER) to the coupon box at check out.

THIS OFFER ENDS  1st of August 2016.

THANKS, Check back often for new updates Huge update 200+ pages

Berserker art has now over 1200 pieces of original art for sale.
Our latest update includes Frazetta, Bisley, Fabry, Davidson, 2000AD, Ditko, Colan, Quesada, Mignola, Cassaday, Kirby, Texiera, Kaluta, Tan, Romita JR, Timm and many more

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New Bisley 20 new pieces Conan, Batman, Dredd and more

Hey everyone, I have 20 awesome bisley pieces available. All bar 2 are full size 16.5 by 12 inches (female gladiators is 12 by 8.5 inches and Gears of war painting 11 by 7.5 inches)
Avengers variant cover The Blip $250
Conan cover design and character design $400
Frank Millers dark knight 3 color prelim $850
Devashard Cover pencils $350
2000AD Dredd Cover color prelim $800
2000AD Dredd cover inks $700
Femail Gladiators $250
Fistful of blood cover 1 inks $400
Fistful of blood cover 2 inks $400
Gears of war prelim 1 portrait $300
Gears of war prelim 2 landscape $300
Gears of war prelim wit color villains $500
Gears of war painting $700
Marvel cover pencils $200
Robot designs $200
Splatterhouse Friday the 13th pencil images $150
Splatterhouse Friday the 13th pencil full image $175
Splatterhouse Friday the 13th pencil double image full figure facing right $200
Splatterhouse Friday the 13th Ink 4 images $175
Superman and lois $250

170 new originals this week!

hello everyone. we have over 170 now originals added this week, bringing us to over 925 pieces for sale/trade on site.

some highlights of the week are

Drew Struzan Skeleton warriors

Glenn Fabry slaine painting

Simon bisley painted covers

26 Greg staples paintings

Bernie Wrightson,Sam Kieth,Tony Daniel, Alex Saviuk,Gene Colan and many more.

check us out at

skeleton warriors drew struzan 22x15

Amazing Ebay auctions starting $1 Bisley and staples paintings, Ezquerra dredd, bisley

Got some great auctions this week starting at $1 each with no reserve

Simon Bisley MAD MAX FURY ROAD Pinup illustration lobo 2000ad

Greg Staples Judge Dredd VS Judge Death painting very rare MTG

Judge Anderson 2p3b original comic art CARLOS EZQUERRA 2000AD

Judge Dredd p7a original comic art CARLOS EZQUERRA 2000AD

Simon BISLEY original comic art Chinese Dragon page lobo

Simon BISLEY original comic art Female page lobo

Clint Langley ABC Warriors Return toMars 2000ad


Some of these items are easily worth $2000-$3000 Check them out at