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BERSERKER ART Glenn Fabry Kickstarter sketches and drawings, 100 NEW Fabry,Bisley and Carlos Ezquerra (dredd creator) and MORE

Hello everyone, Glenn Fabry has a cool Kickstarter campaign running right now with some cool sketches and commissions offered. check it out at the link below. he could do with people purchasing some rewards or even just helping promote it.
Also on the site we have over 100 new pieces added to the site, by Carlos Ezquerra, Glenn fabry New covers and his largest painting to date. Simon Bisley Diablo 3 art, Mad Max, Marvel cover and more. We also added Andrei Bressan Birthright art and some cool Swampthing and Green Lantern.
Check them out at the link below!!
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37 Carlos Ezquerra 2000AD pieces added

Dredd tofd 38p3a £75just added 37 pieces by the co-creator of Judge Dredd to the site. Pages consist of Judge Dredd, Koburn, Strontium Dog and finally Judge Anderson. For some reason for a few years Carlos decided to draw his art on multiple 11 by 8.5 inch pages and put them together on the computer for publication, so what we have here are multiple pieces in different forms, Pencil pages and Ink pages all by Carlos. this is a fantastic way to pick up some cool art by the 2000Ad master and not break your bank balance at the same time.

check them out at the link below before they are all snapped up!!



Strontium Dog 7p4a £75

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new this week Bisley,Fabry,Ribic and Stolen art alert

new this week

l bisley ink page from an unknown project, Bisley hot female cyborg pinup.

Fabry Irish wolf hound studies

Esad Ribic painted common foe issue 2 cover. check them out in our art section.

also the original art from 13 coins issue 5 has gone missing possibly stolen in transit to a buyer. if you see any for sale please let me know asap

common foe 2 cover

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sweet $00.99 ebay auctions McMahon, Shelton,Staples,Bisley,Fabry

some hot auctions this week from Glibert shelton, Greg Staples, Simon Bisley, Glenn Fabry, Mick McMahon, Nate van Dyke, Rich Buckler and many more. check them out below.

some highlights are a cool bisley painted self portrait, Glenn fabry rude batgirl and supergirl image and a cool bisley/staples frankenstein

biz self

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Welcome Clint Langley
























Great news this week Fan Favorite 2000ad artist Clint Langley has join berserker. check out his sweet 2000ad ABC warriors pages at the link below and expect more art soon!!


also added this week Glenn Fabry Authority pinup and Simon Bisley Game paintings check them at the link attached!