Church of Hell 2 (Retailer Variant, Simon Bisley Cover)



If you want to atone for your sins, you go to an ordinary church and confess to a minister or priest. But if you want to embrace your sins, then the Church of Hell is for you. Through the medium of the Priest of Hell, it is possible for sinners to do a deal with Satan… although, as Satan is also the Prince of Lies, things might not work out quite how the sinner expected them to.

Church of Hell is a horror series published by Berserker Comics, of which three issues have been published, beginning in 2009. Conceived by the Brown brothers, it was written by former 2000 A.D scribe Alan Grant; the first two issues were pencilled by Australian comic book artist Wayne Nichols and inked by Andy Brown, and issue 3 was drawn by Glenn Fabry. This series is in a current revamp with issue 4 near completion and scripting in process for issue 5-10

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