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included are

Simon Bisley  Female Fantasy painting

Simon Bisley Conan

Jae Lee Gothic cover

Simon Bisley Ironman color designs

Greg Staples Judge Dredd painted page.


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Bisley 17 prime 1990s originals Conan,Batman,lobo,Fakk 2,fantasy warriors, Blitz and more

Great selection of Bisley originals from the peak of his career, prices from $40-$500.

my personal highlights from the batch would be

Conan drawing for conan the savage issue 1 cover, one of Simons most iconic images. this piece was scrapped for a more simple image with only Conan

Batman Lobo cover design a simple sketch but a nice one.

Female Fantasy warrior  excellent pencil study with a cool little dog in there that looks familiar

Fakk 2 lord tyler original concept design Very tight detail.

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