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280+ new comic art pieces, 37 ebay auctions at $1, coming soon!

280+ New art for sale latest update 280 pieces
19 Fabry covers
8 Fabry high end illustrations and interiors
33 Boo Cook Dr Who
5 Boo Cook Blunt 2000AD
5 Bisley Covers/Illustrations including Hellblazer
85 John Mccrea Monarchy
2 Bisley painted covers
2 Simon Davis 2000AD covers
36 Simon Davis Slaine pencils
7 Boo Cook Judge Anderson
10 Boo Cook Judge Dredd
7 Boo Cook Elephantmen
5 Simon Davis Slaine Painted pages
56 Dave Kendall Dark judges

coming up next week
40+ ezquerra 2000ad pieces
140 simon davis painted slaine prelims
100 john mccrea
and more!

also ending this thursday 37 sweet ebay auctions
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